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IGYM Body Fitness

We are here to make a difference and through IGYM we want to make sure everybody has an affordable and welcoming gym option.

1,000+Sq Feet Big Hall

24 / 7 / 365 Hours Open

1,000+ Available Parking

500+ Fitness Equipment

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Happy Trainees Says: 

Everyone knows each other and they chat and laugh very loudly. But they are mostly very nice and polite to be fair. Personal trainers are very selective of who they are nice too. Mostly they will give you weird looks all the time (not all of them) with ATTITUDE (one of them actually hates me just for existing).. even if they see you do something wrong they will not say a word unless you engage with them for sessions. Busy on phones or showing off their bodies or making a fashion statement.

Ali Sameer

Local Guide

The sweetest and best gym on the level of Ajman and Sharjah and the sweetest captain frankly interested in all participants, individuals and determination and determination and effort encourage you to reach the best shape and the sweetest body of God, I recommend this gym to all my friends, they have a special hall for the ladies wearing Hejab with a female coach if you like or you can train alone by your self. I like the music they played, I give 5 stars for this gym and recommended for all people. 

Munir Ul Haq

Local Guide

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